Our Obsessive Mission Argos Canine does whatever it takes to come up with creative solutions...and then implement like crazy. We’re obsessed with delivering insanely useful tools, training and products to our community who love their dogs. Our mission is to take the best and latest of what’s been tested and proven in helping dogs at home. . . and create tools, guides and training that just do it for dog lovers and their furry friends. ​ What We Do We’re a dynamic online canine care company that creates simple, beautiful tools and education courses that allow people to help their beloved dogs at home. When people know more about their dogs we believe it will be a far better world for everyone. To this end, everything we do is based on the feedback of ordinary people living with and caring for their dogs. Serving those who believe they have an active role to play in their dog’s health and happiness is our way of being part of the solution.

Our Team

The leader of our pack is Carrie Smith BScPT, she is a healthcare expert whose canine clinic puts life in the years of aging dogs. She can pull from her 13 years of certified canine rehabilitation experience stacked on top of her 30 + years as a human physical therapist treating Olympic, World Cup and professional athletes. ​ An experienced educator and physical therapist in many holistic forms of treatment, Carrie spends her days treating her two and four-legged patients to allow them to get more out of life.

Carrie Smith Physiotherapist - Author

Dawna Christy Operations

Jeff Christy Creative Director

Caring for Your Furry Friends

Our Story The Argos Canine Pack are animal lovers with a passion for helping to contribute to your dog's well being. The driving force behind our mission is Carrie Smith BScPT. Carrie is a healthcare expert with 15 years of certified canine rehabilitation experience stacked on top of her 30 + years as a human physical therapist treating Olympic, World Cup and professional athletes. Carrie is the owner of one of the first Canine Rehabilitation Centers and although she and her team can benefit MANY patients, not everyone can physically get in to see her. So... born is Argos Canine, bringing canine rehabilitation to everyone who needs it. Now you can benefit from Carrie's knowledge and expertise from the comfort of your own home.




We Love Our Animals and What We Do!  

We’re a dynamic online canine care company that creates simple, beautiful tools and education courses that allow people to help their beloved dogs at home. When people know more about their dogs we believe it will be a far better world for everyone. 

Wagging For Life

For the Love of Old Dogs! Help your dog ease into their senior years.

ACL Success

Canine Cruciate Rehab - Maximize Your Results

Wagging For Life  

Make your senior dog's golden years as happy and healthy as possible.

Finally, Something You Can Do For Your Aging Dog. Wagging For Life is a 5 week an online program that helps aging dogs ease into old age. You get downloadable e-books as well as easy to follow videos you can implement in the comfort of your own home. With no more than 10 minutes a day not only will you help your dog physically but it both you and your dog will love the bonding time.​  

Can you spot the warning signs?  

Have You Seen:

  • Back feet out to the side when sitting (sloppy sitting) 
  • No longer able to jump on the bed  
  • Can’t get in the car without help  
  • Increasingly frequent “messy house accidents”  
  • Lack of Interest in walks or play  
  • Reluctant stair-climbing  
  • Groaning when standing up

Did you say YES to anything there? You are in the right place right now. ​ Haven’t seen any yet? Sadly, chances are some of those signs are just down the road. Time spares no one. Not even beautiful aging dogs.

What you get:

182 pages of comprehensive downloadable digital learning suitable for reading on screen or printed out to make personal notes on your dog’s improvement.

25 convenient audio files to reinforce what you have learned while walking, driving, travelling to work or relaxing on the couch.

25 informative “watch & learn” videos covering everything in the digital book set in greater depth and professionally shot and edited in HD quality.  

5 memory-jogging cheat sheets to print out and post on the fridge ensuring the exercises are right there as a reminder and refresher for everyone in the house.

"Why Do Dog Professionals Endorse This?"  

Top dog professionals all know there can be underlying issues causing many of the problems they are paid to solve.  

This blueprint to a smiling, jig dancing old dog walks you through a simple shortcut that takes 10 minutes per day to help your dog age gracefully, pain-free and most importantly…with dignity.

Need more? Check out our W4L testimonials.

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No Risk

You are totally covered by a 60-Day, No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. We are so confident in your ability to get results that we will let you go through the entire course - learning how to help your aging dog then get a full refund if you aren’t thrilled with the results. We are that confident in the quality of the content.

Remember, you're covered if any of these happen: 

  • if you aren’t satisfied with the progress your dog has made 
  • If you decide spending 10 minutes per day with your dog is too much for your busy schedule 
  • Or even if you don’t like the shirt Carrie is wearing in the welcome video. (wow wait til you see it!)

Simply use the toll-free number or email found on your Wagging for Life receipt to get in touch with our payment processor's customer service representatives (ClickBank). That’s all you need to do for an immediate, no questions asked refund of the full purchase price.

"It’s Really This Simple!"

Look, we love our dogs too. If it doesn’t work for your furry friend or your hectic schedule then we don’t want your money – it wouldn’t feel right.

More Questions?  

Need More Information?​  

No worries! Click "Tell Me More" to send us an email so we can provide you with whatever you need to help you make the right decision.  


ACL/CCL Success  

Bringing rehabilitation to you and your dog post ACL/CCL surgery. Follow along with Carrie Smith as she takes you through 12 weeks of rehabilitation techniques, exercises, do's and don'ts. This program follows the journey of 3 dogs having had 2 different cruciate surgeries.  

What You Get 

Pre-Op Guide  

Your veterinarian will help you with with to expect post surgery but this guide will give you additional tips on:

  • What to expect when your dog is ready to come home.​ 
  • How to make your home safe for your dog following surgery 
  • How to make the adjustment easier on your dog 
  • What not to do

Online Videos 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well video makes it so easy to follow  

  • More than 60 online videos spread over 12 weeks. 
  • Every week our education portal unlocks a new section of 5 videos. This “content drip” keeps eager owners from skipping ahead and risking your dog’s opportunity for a full recovery. Rehab is proven to improve surgery results. We've been doing it with humans for years. Don't you think dogs have been waiting long enough.

Weekly Checklists 

Rehab compliance is now top of mind, simple and fun. These checklists are complete with helpful hints, reminders and a place to chart progress. Printed in full color and ready to be posted on the refrigerator door or another central location for your patient’s whole human family to see.

Here's a Taste 

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Wagging For Life - Testimonials

“The program I’ve taken with Carrie is the best thing I’ve ever done for Chaos. Without the program her quality of life would not be the same.“-Amy W with 11 year old German Shepherd “Chaos”

“I refer these animals to Carrie and then I see them again and I see the difference in them and I hear the clients tell me it’s made such a big difference.” - Dr. Nathalie F (Veterinarian) with 11 year old Ryder

Kimberly P - with 13 year old Labrador Retriever “Meagan”

Dr. Francine L (Retired Veterinarian) with 16 year old Border Collie “Salsa”

K9 Community

Let's work together. Even if you have in house rehabilitation you can benefit from partnering with Argos Canine.

Join the Growing List of Veterinary Clinics & Animal Hospitals:  

Improving surgical outcomes Increasing clinic revenue Elevating client satisfaction Leveraging word of mouth referrals  

All this without:

Hiring a Rehab Professional 

Additional Staff Responsibility 

Increasing Clinic Space  

Continuing Education

Perhaps you already offer rehab services but have clients with patience that live to far to benefit from regular visits. Now you can offer online rehab delivered from a professional that your patient can benefit from in their own home. ​ Argos Canine provides the best resources on the internet to help you help your canine patient.  

K9 Community Only Pricing  

Please contact us for your exclusive link to our veterinarian pricing or affiliate program. ​ Let us help you increase clinic revenues while you offer your clients professional rehab without the added expense.

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