Love Your Dog?

Take 10 Minutes To Prove It. You will to able to help your dog age with comfort, dignity and vitality starting today.


Putting Life In The Years Of Our Aging Dogs

  • Get Informed

    Discover your dog’s level of vitality and the chronic pain signals you are likely missing.

  • Take Action

    Wagging for Life is the only online course that puts life in the years of your aging dog.

  • Be Aware

    Being careful about dog food can save your dog’s life so we added a bonus that does the same.

Old Dogs Living Happy , Full Lives In Loving Homes  A Dream Worth Having  ... and Sharing.

  • People Helping Dogs

    Showcasing extraordinary people who work to make sure our four-legged friends see at least one smiling face in their life.

  • Dogs Helping People

    Highlighting just a few of the countless dogs who make a difference in the lives they touch through service and companionship.

  • Multi Dog Families

    Discovering how some families are able to manage a beautiful old dog with hectic schedules and multiple dogs in their lives

  • Make Room In Your Heart

    Celebrating those who choose to open their hearts to senior dogs discarded at shelters.

Love your dog?

Take 10 minutes to prove it.

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