What We Believe

Old dogs living comfortable full lives in loving homes is a dream worth having...and sharing.

Who We Are

The leader of our pack is Carrie Smith BScPT She is a healthcare expert whose canine clinic puts life in the years of aging dogs. She can pull from her 13 years of certified canine rehabilitation experience stacked on top of her 30 + years as a human physical therapist treating Olympic, World Cup and professional athletes.

An experienced educator and physical therapist in many holistic forms of treatment, Carrie spends her days treating her two and four-legged patients to allow them to get more out of life.

Our Big Hairy, Scary Goal

Argos Canine has the dream of removing the need for senior dog shelters nationwide.

Don’t misunderstand. These are necessary sanctuaries operated by unbelievably caring people. Our battle isn’t with the shelters. It’s with the number of dogs that come through those doors everyday. Most never to walk out. Every one of those worn, tired old faces has a story and that story deserves a more dignified, happy and comfortable ending in a loving, understanding home.

  • Dignity

    Sometimes incontinence is more about moility and less about bladder & lowel issues.

  • Happiness

    All your dog want to do is please you. It’s as easy as a little energy and time daily

  • Comfort

    Dogs are just like people. Active joints have a better chance of being pain-free joints.

Empowering Every Dog’s Human

It would be easier to imagine angry, uncaring villans discarding these beautiful old dogs at the doorstep of strangers in the dark of night. Sadly, far too many of the people bringing those dogs to shelters do so with tear soaked faces. They don’t want to give up but they don’t know how to help and care for an aging dog. It is these people we will reach first through knowledge and training.

Of course, this alone doesn’t solve the national epidemic of senior dog abandonment but it is a lofty first step in our big hairy, scary goal.   Join Us.

Our Obsessive Mission

Argos Canine does whatever it takes to come up with creative solutions...and then implement like crazy. We’re obsessed with delivering insanely useful tools, training and products to our community who love their dogs. Our mission is to take the best and latest of what’s been tested and proven in helping dogs at home. . . and create tools, guides and training that just do it for dog lovers and their furry friends.

What We Do

We’re a dynamic online canine care company that creates simple, beautiful tools and education courses that allow people to help their beloved dogs at home. When people know more about their dogs we believe it will be a far better world for everyone. To this end, everything we do is based on the feedback of ordinary people living with and caring for their dogs. Serving those who believe they have an active role to play in their dog’s health and happiness is our way of being part of the solution.

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