“Ever Wish Your Dog Could Just Tell You About The Pain?”

Finally, Something You Can Do
For Your Aging Dog.

Maybe you’ve noticed your dog sloppy sitting with the back legs out to the side, or not “springing” up effortlessly when you come home. Sadly, now that furry, former “bundle of boundless energy” just sits there all day. You need to ask yourself: "Why?".


Can You Spot The Warning Signs of Your Dog's

Slippery Decline Into Decrepit Old Age?

Think About Your Dog for a minute…

Have You Seen:

  • Back feet out to the side when sitting
  • No longer able to jump on the bed
  • Can’t get in the car without help
  • Increasingly frequent “messy house accidents”
  • Lack of Interest in walks or play
  • Reluctant stair-climbing
  • Groaning when standing up

Did you say YES to anything there? You are in the right place right now.

Haven’t seen any yet? Sadly, chances are some of those signs are just down the road. Time spares noone. Not even beautiful aging dogs.

Are you here to get your dog:

  • training methods for your sport dog that won’t jump through a hoop?
  • medical advice for your queezy dog that just ate a pack of scented candles?
  • obedience tips for your crazy dog that pees on your luggage by the front door?

If any of those three above describe you then you're on the wrong page. For those you'll need a dog sport coach, veterinarian or dog obedience trainer.

But wait…

Having said that, top-level coaches, trainers and veterinarians who have done their homework all have one thing in common:

“Top dog professionals all know there can be

underlying issues causing many of the

problems they are paid to solve.”

So, successful canine health and obedience professionals endorse this little-known key to healthy aging dogs you will discover below.

"Why Do Dog Professionals Endorse This?"

This blueprint to a smiling, jig dancing old dog walks you through a simple shortcut that takes 10 minutes per day to help your dog age gracefully, pain-free and most importantly…with dignity.

“Discover Ingenious strategies for helping your dog stand up, walk, sit and do stairs...”

Start taking advantage of something that has already worked for countless millions of humans and thousands of dogs.

Check This Out:

  • "The surest way you'll ever find to put life in the years of your grey muzzled old friend."
  • "The biggest mistake that almost all owners of senior dogs —even the savvy ones—are making. Correct this, and be amazed by bursts of puppy-like liveliness you haven't seen in years."
  • “The surprising secret of why some old dogs stop sitting on command. Hint: It has nothing to do with obedience.”

“Get Your Dog Wagging For Life Today”

Carrie Smith BScPT, a certified canine rehabilitation therapist with 14 years experience, has just put the finishing touches on "Wagging for Life". A comprehensive, easy to understand, “in your own home” guided course which contains the same secrets she uses in her canine rehabilitation clinic. Her happy clients return to the clinic time after time to have Carrie help there senior dogs live happy comfortable lives...
and yes, as you’d hope... these secrets are good enough for her to use at home giving that same gift of comfort, happiness and dignity to her own 10 year old Golden Retriever named Piper

“Now For The First Time Ever…”

You can get access to the therapeutic skills that not only keeps old dogs happy and healthy in their homes but is also responsible for putting athletes on Olympic podiums.

“A Rare Breed of Professional”

A certified canine rehabilitation therapist is rare enough. Rarer still is one who also continues to treat human athletes at the pinnacle of their sports in World Cup and Olympic competition. Carrie is that distinguished level of physical therapist. Her track record is a testament to her skill, compassion and knowledge. She jokes that treating animals comes naturally to her because, after all, she works with World Cup rugby players.

So, rest assured, you are getting the culmination of 14 years of expertise from a certified canine rehab therapist layered on top of 30+ years of human physical therapy knowledge.. Carrie currently has
both canine and human clinical practices. In those two clinics people and dogs jockey for Carrie’s extremely limited time…but not you. No waiting, No parking hassles. No “punch in the wallet” fee for service. We’ve got your dog covered. Right here…. Right now…Today.

“Freeze! We’re Aiming Right At You!”

Don’t underestimate Carrie’s approachable, easy to understand language and manner. She makes her recipe for a happy old dog feel like she is talking to a close friend.

“Your Biggest Fear Avoided”

You will get all of the expertise and insider knowledge Carrie’s clients pay hundreds of dollars for without the steep bill or painful Latin medical jargon. You love your dog but…

“Can We Agree?”

Quite possibly not even your dog is worth you living most people's worst nightmare...
feeling like you were magically dropped into a crowded medical school lecture hall wearing nothing but black dress socks and listening to a language you don't understand. That is what most information like this makes you feel like but not here. Not Carrie!

"Worried About Future Vet Bills?"

Without a doubt, this is the complete A-to-Z guide that gives you everything you need to know about putting life in the years of your senior dog.
It's all here...especially if the thought of any of these ravaging your dog keeps you up at night...

  • Pain-Riddling Canine Arthritis (see page 15)
  • Wallet-Draining ACL Tears (see page 31)
  • Crippling Hip Displaysia (see page 28)
  • Debilitating Spinal Stenosis (see page 35)

"You Are Now in Total Control."

You're getting 182 pain-relieving pages of easy to read, informative content. Use the digital version on your desktop computer screen, tablet or phone. Maybe you want to print it out and take notes in the margins? Picture yourself thumbing through those dog-eared page corners boasting hand-written notes that will chronical your beloved friend's improvement. Imagine how gratifying it will be to look back and see where the two of you started this journey together.

"Here, Take a Taste of What's Waiting For You Inside..."

1. Fetching Health:
Your Safe, Happy Journey Begins

Here's where we set your dog's starting point in the best way possible.

  • Leverage our advanced, yet easy-to-use tool to chart your dog's improvement by the end of the course. Without this you're just guessing
  • Strengthen knee joints to help prevent costly ACL tears Learn to help your dog win the “my dog vs my wallet” battle

Learn when NOT to exercise and how hard to push when you do. This is crucial especially for aging dogs. Some of this is common sense while some of it will surprise you.

2. Your Dog Inside Out :
What Your Dog Is Made Of

Breeds earn their "beautiful old dog" title at different ages. Learn what to look for in your furry friend.

  • Uncover what it means to be a senior dog

Top 5 signs of aging in dogs

3. Apex of Vitality:
Hind End, Hips & Knees

Get ready! This is the "money" module!

  • Strengthen knee joints to help prevent costly ACL tears Learn to help your dog win the “my dog vs my wallet” battle

4. Forget Me Not:
Front End, Shoulders & Elbows

  • The hind end of the dog drives but the front steers. Volume 4 makes sure you are headed in the right direction.

5. Literally Wrapped Up:
Core, Balance & Proprioception

  • Get Acquainted with the "back-to-basics" element of fitness that is often overlooked in both senior dogs &people. Master this and save your dog a great deal of pain.
  • Discover how to help your dog work on what some humans consider “trophy muscles”. Solve this riddle and help prevent disc herniations.

"It’s up to you now."

Everything in Wagging for Life has been patiently explained and set up to ensure you and your dog aren’t left behind or buried in jargon. Clear conversational writing and confusion-busting images are dripped out to you over the 5 weeks so you aren’t overwhelmed and the knowledge is reinforced through repeatition.

"Actually It Might Work Too Good!"

Imagine a dog that used to just lay there listlessly on the livingroom floor now trotting around the house searching for those favourite shoes or bags of groceries carelessly left within reach of a healthy mischievous dog. Remember that dog? Well, looks like the genie is out of the bottle. Forget about the shoes and order takeout. Your dog is back and your dog is worth it! ?? ?? 🙂

"Satisfaction Guarantee? You Bet!
Check This Out!"

Of course, you are totally covered by a 60-Day, No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. We are so confident in your ability to get results that we will let you go through the entire course - learning how to help your aging dog then get a full refund if you aren’t thrilled with the results. We are that confident in the quality of the content.
Remember, you're covered if any of these happen:

  • if you aren’t satisfied with the progress your dog has made
  • If you decide spending 10 minutes per day with your dog is too much for your busy schedule
  • Or even if you don’t like the shirt Carrie is wearing in the welcome video. (wow wait til you see it!)

Simply use the toll-free number or email found on your Wagging for Life receipt to get in touch with our payment processor's customer service representatives. That’s all you need to do for an immediate, no questions asked refund of the full purchase price.

"It’s Really This Simple!"

Look, we love our dogs too. If it doesn’t work for your furry friend or your hectic schedule then we don’t want your money – it wouldn’t feel right.

"Are These People Really Any Different Than You?"

I don't think so. These are just honest people with beautiful old dogs in their lives. Listen closely, some are everyday dog lovers from all walks of life while others are current & retired veterinarians with credentials on the line. Each of them was so thrilled and amazed with the results and benefits of the system you'll discover in Wagging for Life that they're willing to sign their names to a testimonial. I think you’ll agree, It takes a heck of a product to inspire that kind of openness and cooperation."

“The program I’ve taken with Carrie is the best thing I’ve ever done for Chaos. Without the program her quality of life would not be the same.“


Amy W

with 11 year old German Shepherd “Chaos”

“I refer these animals to Carrie and then I see them again and I see the difference in them and I hear the clients tell me it’s made such a big difference.”


Dr. Nathalie F

with 11 year old Ryder

“For me the most significant change for Megan is being able to get in and out of the back of the car. It makes a huge difference to my life and to hers and now I just open the door and up she goes!”


Kimberly P

with 13 year old Labrador Retriever “Meagan”

” it’s good for your dog and at least 10 minutes a day. This is the minimum you can give to your companion, that’s for sure.”


Dr. Francine L
(Retired Veterinarian)

with 16 year old Border Collie “Salsa”

Full Disclosure: This Course IS NOT For You If…

  • You feel the health and longevity of your dog is solely the responsibility of a veterinarian.
  • You're not willing to give a measely 10 minutes a day to your dog to enjoy simple fun exercises.
  • You think the only dog worth your time is a playful exuberant puppy.
  • You don't believe that helping an old dog live a comfortable happy life is the duty of every responsible dog lover.
  • You won't acknowledge that a commitment to your dog is a life-long affair which is its own reward.

“Still Here? Great! Your Timing Couldn’t Be Any Better!”

For a limited time you get the Wagging for Life digital book set at a deep discount. As an added bonus, this package INCLUDES the multimedia learning tools that will soon only be available as a separate product. An unbelievable value for you today

Limited Time Fast Action Bonuses
Your Accelerated Shortcuts to Learning


Cheat Sheets


Course Companion

The audio video version with the printable cheat sheets and course companion are designed to be sold separately for $197 as the multimodal version . And there's more...After this promotion the Wagging for Life digital book set ALONE will return to the everyday price of $97.
Remember: That $97 will be WITHOUT any of those amazing "shortcut to learning" bonuses you are being offered today. They vanish after this promotion.

This means that the package we are offering today is worth a total of $294.

"Is It Really Worth The Price?"

Anyone who has experienced veterinarian, canine physical therapist or dog trainer bills knows that $294 for 24/7 lifetime access to comprehensive knowledge is well worth it. Especially when it includes any future upgrades to the course material free of charge. Think of this as your new learn on demand aging dog resource available to you anytime, from anywhere you have an internet connection.

“What If It Just Did This…”

What if the only thing Wagging for Life did was save you money on ONE visit to your veterinarian? Just one...
Well, here’s a VERY recent, very real story about taking our big, beautiful 9 year old German Shepherd Gizmo to the vet for a sore foot. The consultation cost us $187.

"Hold On Now! Are You Saying..."

I can already hear your question: “ Waggin for Life doesn't replace vet visits right? ” That is correct it doesn't BUT the resource behind Wagging for Life gave me the knowledge and confidence to pass on the $800 worth of x-rays they were insisting his sore foot required. We paid our $187 bill (I’m in the wrong line of work) and took him home while keeping the $800 x-ray money in my pocket.
Well, three quick days later, spending just 2-3 minutes each day doing an exercise you’ll learn on page 105 and…


Gizmo is back to chasing his ball and reminding the city garbage truck just who the REAL owner of this street is.

So, the simple grade school math tells us paying $294 for the knowledge and confidence to save $800 is $294 well spent. Agreed?

“Good News Today!”

Right now, you get the digital books and all the videos, audios and cheat sheets for the one low “books only” price of $97!

That means you get everything! Including the:

182 pages of comprehensive downloadable digital learning suitable for reading on screen or printed out to make personal notes on your dog’s improvement.

25 informative “watch & learn” videos covering everything in the digital book set in greater depth and professionally shot and edited in HD quality.

"Let's Make This Even Better
Does This Sound Fair To You?"

Go through the entire course with your dog

Ask us questions when you get stuck

Tell us how your dog has improved

Share an honest testimonial when you are done

Yes? Then you will get an even better deal today!

Obviously, we are on the honor system here but if you agree to the above we will happily drop the price of EVERYTHING from $294 to $97 to today’s price of $67.

Yes, Just $67 Today!

This is a WIN - WIN amazing deal on both sides because your success story is what is going to make the Wagging for Life online course an irresistible NO-BRAINER to dog lovers like you in the future. The only difference is: those future customers will be paying far more than you will today to get all the wonderful results for their dog! So, you could wait to get Wagging for Life in the future but…

Think about this…

Why pay more for something you know will help you help your dog right now?
“Do we have a deal?”

"Yes! Take Control of Your Aging Dog's Life Starting Today!"

Now that you've been shown this no-risk way to put life in the years of your aging dog the next move is up to YOU.

Seriously, if you've read this far, you know you have an undeniable desire and responsibility to make your senior dog's golden years as happy and healthy as possible.

The only thing left right now is to take the first step and do it.

If you want to...

  • avoid having your dog’s final years spent in a wallet-draining, drug addled, haze of medication
  • bond with your aging dog and maximize your time together...
  • banish the potential for regretful thoughts like "I should have done more while I could."

OK get in on this risk-free offer right now before it's too late.

The clock is ticking.

Every moment that passes is another moment you're not actively moving towards your dog’s comfortable, happy senior years.
Seriously, you won't find anything like Wagging for Life on any other webpage or in any other online course.

The next 494 customers will get the fast action bonuses and the great low price.

After that the price goes up to $97 and the bonuses go away

"Start Wagging for Life...

Perhaps the only source of comprehensive information for those who:

  • care for and adore beautiful, old dogs
  • love a dog they hope wil be healthy through the senior years.

Look, stop cobbling together anecdotal "how to" advice from unqualified sources OR WORSE…

Don’t try to figure this out yourself.

After all we are talking about a beloved friend that is giving you so much unconditional love.

It's payback time!

Get the potent combination of a certified canine rehabilitation therapist’s proven strategies and specific, step-by-step exercises only found right here, today.

Go Ahead…Get Started Right Now

Total value: $294


Everyday "Books Only" Price $97 Today Just $67


Book and DVD images are for illustration purposes. The product your are buying is digital

"P.S. Two years from now, will you look back at this moment as the time you stumbled onto something that completely changed your dog's senior years, or will you look at it as the time you threw away a great opportunity to make a difference in your dog's life? Don't wait. Order now."


  • Q.Can I hurt my dog doing these exercises?

    A.No, not if you use common sense and have clearance from your veterinarian. We have included 3 levels of ability from Carrie’s lovable lump of a dog Piper who just wants to sit and be loved to the advanced Iggy level. Iggy is a semi-retired sport dog that just loves to go. So, there is definitely one for your dog. You just need to watch the signs your dog gives you and don’t push too hard.

  • Q.Do I need any expensive equipment for this course?

    A.No, you don’t. A great deal of creativity has gone into making sure the equipment used can be found around most homes. Anything you can’t find at home will be available at a dollar store for very cheap. I am referring to things like: ping-pong balls, a small paint roller and … oh yes… the very important peanut butter bribe. In fact you will learn what peanut butter ingredient can harm your dog and should be avoided at all costs.

  • Q.Can I just watch the videos once with my dog somewhere close by and through the magic of the interwebs my dog will get better and live to be 20 years old?

    A.I must admit this one was slightly paraphrased. However, it is human nature for some of us to think there is a magic solution to our problems that doesn’t take any of our attention or effort. For Wagging for Life to give you and your dog quality time together in the years ahead you must spent quality time with your dog right now. Even if it is just 10 minutes per day. That look in their eyes that says “thank you” is so worth it.

  • Q.Do I need clearance from the veterinarian?

    A.No – that’s the short answer.  The longer answer is: if your dog has a pre-existing condition or injury it might be a good idea if your veterinarian thinks increased activity is OK with those conditions.  In the vast majority of cases increased activity is good for your furry friend’s mood and body.

  • Q.Do I need special training or education to do this with my dog?

    A.No, Carrie has the education and the ability to share it in a way everyone can understand. Just follow along in the course and ask questions when you don’t understand.

  • Q.Is this ok for all dogs?

    A.Yes. If your dog is breathing and has four legs you are good to go. In fact, I would say the four legs requirement is negotiable! Seriously, big dogs, little dogs, adult dogs and senior dogs are all welcome to join in.

  • Q.What happens if I don’t understand something in the course?

    A.Simply put…ask for help.   There is room on every lesson page for comments.  If you aren’t comfortable asking publicly – send us an email.  We love to help and questions make everything clearer for everyone in the future.  Think about it this way: your questions help dogs you don’t even know.

  • Q.How do I get a refund if I don’t like the course?

    A.It’s simple.  Contact customer service using the information on your receipt for a prompt, no questions asked, full refund.  We are here to help dogs  not take your money without providing massive value to you and your dog.

  • Q.How much does it cost?

    A.Today you get everything, digital books, videos, audios, cheat sheets, for only $67 and that’s really for a limited time.   After that the digital book set goes back to $97 and the limited time multimodal bonus package with videos, audios and cheat sheets is dropped from the offer.

  • Q.Is the instructor qualified to teach this information?

    A.Yes, you bet!  Carrie Smith has been a certified canine rehabilitation therapist for 13 years.  On top of that, for more than 30 years she has been working in her human practice on patients including Olympic, World Cup and professional athletes.  It is safe to say: Carrie knows how to help two and four-legged patients get the most out of their lives.  She does it whether the patient loves the comfy couch or the grassy park.

  • Q.Are you sending me something in the mail? How do I access the course?

    A.Everything you need is minutes away – tucked safely in your online membership area.  You will be able to access it anytime from anywhere you have an internet connection.  If you prefer to hold a book and read it that way: everything is ready for you to print at home.

  • Q.When I click the secure purchase button what happens next? Where does it take me?

    A.Clicking that button will take you to the ClickBank secure order page.  ClickBank is one of the largest and most trusted digital merchants online today.  Your information, including your credit card, is protected by the same level of security used by your bank.  Order with confidence.

  • Q.How much space to I need to do these dog exercises?

    A.Most can be done in an apartment living room. Usually, if you have room for a dog – you have room for wagging for life!

  • Q.How will this purchase appear on my credit card statement? What company name should I look for?

    A.Your credit card statement will show a purchase from “ClickBank” or “Click Sales, Inc.”

  • Q.Okay, I’m in! I want that great price and those bonuses. How do I get started today?

    A.Click the “Click For Secure Purchase Button” below and get started right now.


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All testimonials are real dog owners but may not reflect the typical purchaser's experience, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.
Every person has a unique relationship with their dog, exercise habits, feeding regime, and applies the Wagging for Life information in a different way. Thus, the experiences that we share from other people may not reflect the typical users' experience. These results are meant as a showcase of what may be attained by Wagging for Life dogs.
By using this system you assume certain risks inherent in all exercise programs. You should not begin the program with your dog if you are aware of a physical condition that makes exercise dangerous. Wagging for Life is an educational service that provides general health information. Carrie is not a veterinarian, and her advice is not a substitute for medical advice. Please consult a veterinarian before beginning any exercise program with your dog.
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