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Look, It’s Free, Easy, and Informative : Simply answer the 16 questions that decode the health story your dog wants to tell you.

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The WAGfactor™ Canine Vitality Index Will Show You...

  • The simple two digit number you can use to catch your dog’s health problems before they get serious…Starting Today!
  • The one-click questions that uncover the key indicators to your dog’s quality of life.
  • How you can create a new sense of power and control by being proactive about your dog's health.
  • How you can create a plan for your dog using the WAGfactor™ score generated based on your answers to the simple questions.

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About Your Instructor

Carrie Smith BScPT

Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist, Argos Canine

Carrie Smith is the expert whose clinic puts life in the years of aging dogs. She can pull from her 14 years of certified canine rehabilitation experience stacked on top of her 30 + years as a human physical therapist treating Olympic, World Cup and professional athletes.
Carrie is maybe the only professional who could have successfully brought this diagnostic tool out of the clinic. She’s made WAGfactor™ approachable, effective, easy & FREE to help your dog at home!
An experienced educator and physical therapist in many holistic forms of treatment, Carrie spends her days treating her two and four-legged patients to allow them to get more out of life.

Some of the Key Indicators Shaping the Foundation of Your Dog's Health Are Just A Click Away Right Now

  • How is your dog’s mood? Does this factor into overall health? Think about how your mood affects your health.
    MOOD MOOD Addressed in Question #6
  • Does playfulness matter for adult and senior dogs or is it just for puppies?  Should you be worried as the years march on?
  • Groaning, crying, yelping, whining are signs of pain in dogs.  Discover which of the 5 possible WAGfactor answers fit your dog today.
  • If your dog isn’t walking pain-free pay attention to question 10.  A lack of mobility can play a role in all aspects of your dogs life from happiness to unpleasant accidents indoors.
    MOBILITY MOBILITY Mobility Important? Don't Skip Question #10
  • Does your dog’s wagging tail give you an indication of health and happiness?  You might be surprised.
    WAGGING WAGGING Check Out Question #15

"Introducing The Internet’s Easiest Way To Help Your Dog"

  • Set A Starting Point To Move Forward For The Rest Of Your Dog’s Life.
  • Determine If The Pain Levels Your Dog May Be Hiding Are Getting Better Or Worse.
  • Discover The 10 Indicators Of Your Dog’s Vitality That You See Everyday But Didn’t Know Were Crucial.
  • Get University-tested Results Proven Reliable At Home Without A Vet Visit.
  • Take A Few Measily Minutes To Understand Your Furry Friend Who Loves You Unconditionally It’s FREE Right Now And Easy To Use On Any Device At Any Time...Like RIGHT NOW.

About Argos Canine

Here’s Who We Are & What We Believe:

Here’s Who We Are & What We BelieveWe’re a dynamic online canine care company that creates simple, beautiful tools and education courses that allow people to help their beloved dogs at home. We believe if people know more about their dogs it will be a far better world for everyone.   Everything we do is based on the feedback of ordinary people living with and caring for their dogs.  We are happy to serve those who believe they have an active role to play in their dog’s health and happiness.  To further your efforts - we are happy to play our small role.

Argos Canine does whatever it takes to come up with creative solutions…and then implement like crazy. We’re obsessed with delivering insanely useful tools, training and products to our community who love their dogs.
Our mission is to take the best and latest of what’s been tested and proven in helping dogs at home. . . and create tools, guides and training that just do it for dog lovers and their furry friends.

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