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  • 1. Countless Dogs Need Your Help

    Millions of dog owners in the USA alone. Most of them love their dogs but have no idea what to do as they age. Introducing them to Wagging for Life solves a huge problem for them.

  • 2. An Impact Beyond Just One Course

    You are teaming with a company that continues to invest proceeds into more ways to help dogs and their loving humans through seminars, awareness and innovative product development. Just think: one dog going through this course helps multiple dogs in the future.

  • 3. Doing It Wrong Is Worse Than Not At All

    There is a large, passionate market of dog lovers who currently believe there is no way to help their dogs as they age. A few are trying but possibly harming their furry friend. Be their lifeline.

  • 4. 100% Free For You To Get Involved

    It doesn’t cost you anything. You just tell people about a great product and their desire to help their dogs takes over.

  • 5. The Sky Is The Limit For You.

    You can refer a couple people and make a couple bucks or you can…. you get the idea. When was the last time making money felt so good?

  • 6. As simple As Just Being Yourself

    Extremely simple. You don’t have to have a website or blog. You could just tell people on Facebook or send them an email. Let your passion for helping dogs shine through.

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